My Wonderful Move towards Gluten Free Bread

Somebody told me that the bloated feeling  I was experiencing might be due to eating too much bread and starch. I was willing to try anything to get rid of this ghastly bloating that sometimes even impacts on my activities for the day.

living beautiful naturally

For a while now in my efforts to become healthy, I’ve been cutting back on foods like pasta, biscuits and cake, but I must say I’ve been holding onto bread. I can’t easily turn down hot bread, butter and jam. Bread contains wheat and if you’re sensitive to wheat you’ll feel bloated and irritable. Fortunately today, there is a generous selection of good gluten free breads from different stores for Australians.  Wheat is one of our staple foods and you’ll notice how many foods there are with wheat. I started looking around and noticed that there are great wheat substitutes that you can buy and actually go for gluten-free bread. You can buy bread or make your own from rice flour, or blended from potatoes and corn. With so many fantastic gluten free recipes for baking bread on the Internet, I’m no longer depressed about giving up bread, just feeling so much more energetic.

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