Food for beautiful Skin

Moisturizer, sunscreen and many other creams you have applied to keep your skin healthy. However there are things which you can eat to keep your skin healthy and make it glow. We will know about various food items which can help your skin look Young and keep it wrinkle free.

Strawberries for Great Skin

Strawberries – Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and many other minerals which keeps the skin supple. It has been proven clinically that Vitamin C rich food helps in reducing wrinkles and keeping your skin young and beautiful.

Coffee to fight Skin Cancer

Coffee – In spite of all care you take Skin cancer is a real threat. With pollution invading your skin daily a cup of coffee daily reduces the risk up to 90 percent. SO if anyone now tells you coffee is not good for health just shun him/her. Too much of anything is bad so keep that in mind.

Tomato to protect from Sunburn

Tomatoes – Tomatoes contain a chemical Lycopene which helps protect you against sunburn and cancer. Natural lycopene is proven to protect against the threat of sunburn which harms your skin. Only if you are allergic to tomato you cannot have the benefit.

Tofu for firm skin

Tofu – The Soybean based cottage cheese helps keep your skin firm. It has isoflavones which help to reduce breakdown of collagen the thing that keeps your skin firm.

Salmon for younger skin

Salmon – Yes the fish Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which help reduce free radical damage of the skin. Free radicals cause ageing and omega 3 fatty acids are proven to slow down the process. Eating fish regularly keep you young heh!

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