Food for Beautiful Hair

Hair Loss is a common ailment in cities with the pollution and lack of diet. What if you could eat your way to beautiful and glossy hair? Yes it is possible folks. SOme foods are like elixir for the hair. I talked about the food which is great for skin last time and this time the topic will be the foods which are really beneficial for good hair.

Salmon for healthy hair

Salmon for the Shine – Salmon is abundant in healthy omega 3 fatty acids. We use food supplements as our body cannot make these type of fats. It protects you from diseases and makes your immune system strong. The silver lining is they make your hair shiny, beautiful and healthy.

Spinach for getting rid f brittleness in hair

Spinach for strong Hair – Spinach has  vitamin A, plus iron, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C. These work together to make your scalp healthy and this means stronger follicles, and also keeps the scalp moisturised. So if you want to get rid of breaking hair spinach is the solution.

Turkey Roasted for Thicker Hair

Chicken/Turkey for Thickness – Do you have thin hair which is really annoying? Well including chicken in your diet can help.Protein from lean meat of Chicken/Turkey helps the hair to grow thicker.

weet-potato for glossy hair

Sweet Potato for Gloss – Dull hair looks really bad however healthy it may be. Sweet Potato can help you with this problem of hair. Just include this in your diet and you are golden.

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