About me

I’m Susie, a 38-year-old Aussie who has sensitive skin and has become increasingly disillusioned with most commercial beauty products.  Five years ago I woke up with yet another blotchy, itchy rash on my face and decided enough was enough. I hadn’t always had such sensitive skin, it developed in my twenties and standard creams and emulsions weren’t much help. I realised that I needed to change my lifestyle and diet and started looking into natural remedies.

Since then it has been my mission to improve my beauty by using resources from the natural world and that includes food! Nature really is our friend – from honey, avocados and oatmeal to fish, cranberries and even emu oil. I have discovered some amazing beauty products of my own through a bit of research and experimentation. Admittedly, some beauty solutions are a bit more gross or bizarre than others, but plenty can be found in your own cupboards at home. I hope this blog gives you some food for thought (and body).

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